Memoir & Biography

A Journey of Actual-Death Experiences

The Near Death Experience Explained

Beverley Gilmour

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Interview with the Author

The Near death Experience (NDE) explained as never before; giving not only a detailed description of the Near Death Experience itself but here for the very first time; we have an Author who is able to provide her readers with an in-depth written explanation behind the Near Death Experience resulting in a unique book of an ‘Exploration of The Human Consciousness through Spiritual Intervention. The author, Beverley Gilmour is the only known medical case in the world currently being treated by the medical sector for chronic Actual death experiences, aka Near death Experiences. She is also the only known medical case to be registered disabled for the condition. Beverley has lived with having chronic Near death experiences since 1987, and they occur frequently, often as many as three to four times a month. In 1993, Beverley began compiling extensive and controversial Spiritual Writings detailing her Near death experiences, and in 2018, she hopes to launch the Human Consciousness Scientific Observational Universal Learning (SOUL) Project to change the way the scientific world understands the Near death experience.


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