Gerry Thompson BSc MA hons.

Gerry was among the first author clients when  Susan Mears was set up in 1993. His books have since sold over half a million copies in fifteen languages. He has written several screenplays, several of which are moving towards production. Over the last twenty years, Gerry has edited, through the agency, thousands of other authors’ books, and converted a number of their fiction works to screenplay. He has helped hundreds of authors develop their work and their writing skills. Gerry has also run his own communication training business for thirty years.

Gerry’s services currently available through the agency include:

  • Reader’s reports on fiction and non-fiction work written by agency client authors. This includes highlighting strengths and weaknesses, making suggestions for improvement and recommending directions to take for publishing success. Reporting on manuscripts’ potential for book-to-screen adaptation is also available.

  • Editing manuscripts to improve quality and chances of publication

  • Collaborating to produce screenplays from written manuscripts

  • One-to-one coaching of authors to help them move their writing project forward and improve their writing quality

  • Development and advice on business  books

Live Write Your Book courses –– where a group of authors has the opportunity to each move their individual writing project forward and overcome any obstacles being encountered. The projects can be at any stage, from examining initial ideas, through shaping the book, writing or refining text, towards getting ready for publication. The projects can be fiction or non-fiction, for adults or children, illustrated or not. These exciting and practically helpful courses are available either on- or off-line.