Film Posters


by Isabella Savic – Filmmaker

A professional-looking ‘mock-up’ film poster is essential –

it’s an impressive sales tool to have –

and it is important to create a strong and striking first impression.

It is imperative to create a striking film poster – which is a two-sided document – to spark investors’ attention as they are often pressed for time. It may be they can spare you a half hour, or even less if you are doing an elevator 5-minute film pitch!

As an award-winning filmmaker, I use my eyes as a director, to envisage what and how the film/TV series can look like, visually.  After receiving the written synopsis and details from Janet, I immersed myself in the story and created the graphic picture side of it.  This is the best way for any investor or Producer to immediately see if they are interested in your film. 

The perfect combination of two professionals creating in harmony

and care is the best possible marketing tool for your success.

As a working freelance professional, I am happy to take assignments with the Susan Mears Agency as it has a proven track record in the Literary industry and incorporating Film now.

The posters are created by two professionals at Susan Mears Agency – me, Isabella Savic, filmmaker, and Janet Lee Chapman, screenwriter.

About Isabella Savic

KingPepe Films has a talent for compelling storytelling. Isabella Savic is an Australian film director, producer and writer, residing in Europe. She is the founder and creative mind behind KingPepe.

Isabella’s passion for Filmmaking

Her love for the craft is what inspired her to establish KingPepe films. KingPepe Films has an impressive ability to engage global audiences with compelling storytelling techniques.

​Isabella’s multicultural background has influenced the creative direction of KingPepe Films, resulting in a unique blend of European aesthetics and Australian perspectives on storytelling.

Creating a variety of award-winning projects, spanning many mediums such as Television and Documentaries, KingPepe is also making upcoming Feature films. 

Isabella is the auteur as creator of the films and she is the original and sole copyright holder for all of KingPepe Films.


by Janet Lee Chapman – Screenwriter

Firstly, read the story or screen script a few times, making notes on the story from start to finish. You can see examples in the mock film posters the Agency took to the Cannes Film Festival in the past.

You are narrating the story from the opening scene to the closing scene, with Acts 1-3/4 in between. Include all the main characters – especially the Protagonist and Antagonist, and write all characters’ names on their first appearance in the text in bold capitals. Keep it as brief as possible, as this is about the action and the story flow, scene to scene. You do not need big descriptions of characters – just like when you are writing a script, keep to three traits only that describe your character as perfectly as possible. This is all to entertain the reader – the investor – and the producer – to want to see this movie on screen, to want to invest in it, to want to produce it. Let’s not bore them! If you are entertained by your story and the telling of it, they will be too.

In a nutshell, the story must flow and be simply told, the characters introduced interestingly, with a spotlight on who they are, what they want, and how are they going to achieve their goal.

Oh – and we never tell the ending of the film on these posters – they are not flyers either to be handed out at the festival, they are laminated and in a box file or on a computer. Why don’t we give away the ending? Well, we want to entice and enthral and sell the project. The ending is always in the pitch deck, the film treatment, and the script of course, but that’s for the next stages of the process, when a producer or studio is interested in seeing more information.