Janet Lee Chapman

Mo Cuishle – My Heart, My Blood, My Darling.

Janet Lee Chapman is a writer of Irish descent, born in Manchester, England.  She is currently living in Kent, UK. She has been working professionally since 2013. She studied screenwriting at the University of East Anglia and Scriptwriting North. Writing has been one of her passions since her early teens. She ran a creative writing group in the 90’s.

In 2016, she completed her first novel, “Mo Cuishle (My Heart)”, which she has adapted as a screenplay, set in Ireland.

Mo Cuisle is based on a true story about two children caught up in the Irish Famine. Janet has written the book which is listed for publication, and is currently writing the second draft of the screenplay (of the same name). She attended the Cannes Film Festival and received favourable interest from a producer.

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Beverley Gilmour

Beyond The Veil

Beverley Gilmour is an author and screenwriter. She was born in Birkenhead and when she was 16 years old, she moved to Lytham. St Annes, Lancashire to attend college, where she is still living today.

As a parent, Beverley’s primary goal has always been to secure a prosperous future for her two sons, Oliver, and Westley. In 1992, she suffered a traumatic brain injury, resulting in a permanent coma-related disability, ‘chronic Actual-Death Experiences.’ She is the only known UK medical case to be treated for chronic Actual Death Experiences by the scientific sector. Refusing to allow her disability to define her, she pursued higher education, earning both a BA Hons degree in Screenwriting for Film and Television and an MA (masters) in Publishing which she studied at the University of Central Lancashire.

Over the years she has gained a wide range of skills, including; as an Environmental Artist for Games. In 2022, Beverley founded the Merlinus Studios, a creative hub specialising in animation, games, and licensing.

Recently, Beverley turned her creative flare to reveal the story of her Actual Death Experiences in a bid to bring awareness to the condition and to share with others the incredible revelations she experienced in her ADEs within the Afterlife. Most importantly, the inspiration behind her children’s Intellectual Property, ‘Snowmites Magic.

Her screenplay, ‘Beyond The Veil’ is based on her true-life story which she is currently writing, and she hopes to attract the interest of other screenwriters to join her in completing its final script.

Beyond The Veil is a true story about Actual Death Experiences (ADEs) otherwise known as Near Death Experiences, (NDEs). The story evokes startling revelations about the afterlife and the encounter of spirits within the realms of the mysterious universe and gives an incredible insight into what lies hidden beyond the majestic veil of life.

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