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Interview With Jenny Luangrath

Sometimes in life, you have to clear the decks and cast out all things before coming out the other side. We have all experienced a moment of complete levelling like this in one way or another, but the majority of us have not experienced it in quite as dramatic a way as California resident Jenny Luangrath.

Jenny was born in the socialist communist-ruled country of Laos, and at an early age was separated from her mother when the Government forced the freethinking parent to escape imprisonment and seek refuge in a neighbouring country. Speaking about her mother, Jenny said: “She learned to be a survivor in her younger years and that paralleled my life, although I had to learn that at a much younger age than she was. And what that does is the universe gives you a way of thinking independently, and all that cleverness that you were gifted is used to thinking differently to survive. This came organically for her, and it was the same for me too, but my journey started when I was two years old.”

Cared for by relatives, the children were treated poorly, with the money being sent to care for them being squandered by adults. Jenny and her siblings were forced to be self-reliant and at times, rely on the grace of neighbours to get by. Finally, word came that the children would be reunited with their mother who had set up a life for them in The USA, but they first had to endure a perilous journey, crossing a raging river under cover of darkness before reaching the boarder and their freedom.

Once in America, Jenny felt like an outsider in a very different culture. But determined to succeed and she absorbed herself in her studies. Jenny always felt different, and from a young age, she was having supernatural and spiritual experiences, not yet making sense of the sightings and feelings, though she was never scared.

A prosperous career, property and family life followed. But following a series of personal events which saw it all come crashing down, the stage was set for a spiritual awakening which would change Jenny’s life forever. “The universe knew what I was going to enter at that stage in my life so they had rearranged everything. Leading up to that my family and I had become estranged, I had lost my family and I had also lost the love of my life, the love of my life was the first to go, then my family and then my friends.”

At the onset, she says she felt “doomed’, ‘punished’ and ‘lost’. I quit my job and was in the process of selling off my properties. At that time I was working on life stabilities, acquiring properties and was always working. I was in survival mode.” She explained. It wasn’t a gentle awakening for Jenny, it came like a big bang giving her little time at first to realise the gravity of what was happening to her. Through this period and beyond her ego diminished and she encountered some remarkable events, putting her face to face with demons, spirits and other dimensions. She said: “It was at the end of 2014, and after I was seeing a series of inter-dimensional beings, everything started happening fast, at a lightning pace! I never took any classes to understand any of this, so it was challenging to understand what I was going through, but I understood that I was going through something spiritual. This was a huge moment and this work was the only thing that I had to focus on. I did not know I was having an awakening at that time, but the guardians, who I realised had been with me my entire life, showed up and advised that I go through this healing process because I had been so traumatised as a child. And for the first time at the end of this initial process, I felt self-love.”

Jenny came to understand uniquely and especially the very essence of God and consciousness and hopes that her experiences, told in her book The World Above Crescent Star will help others. She said: “Because of my experiences I see things through the wider lens and the bigger picture. The challenging part is trying to hone that in and articulate that to someone who hasn’t had any of these life experiences or a conscious awakening. Some people have blind spots and can only see so far, and the book is about trying to articulate that there is a wider range.”

Nowadays Jenny’s spiritual experiences allow her to take an active role in helping others, and her insights are both inspirational and guiding for a lot of people. Jenny has a popular Instagram account and also shares thoughts and insights on her YouTube channel.

And speaking about the timing for her book and film project, in an age of polarised viewpoints, cut freedoms and pandemic thinking, Jenny added poignantly: “I do have faith in humanity, and I see people rising and standing up for truth and sovereignty. I know that at the end of all of this, we will come out victorious. But we have a long way to go and it is a process. This is a huge lesson for everyone in humanity and all of us, whether we know it or not, it is about respecting each other and uniting together this is something that we must all learn to get to the next step of our evolution.”

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